Our Cocoon Baby Story: From Skies to Snuggles


Welcome to Cocoon Baby, where our story takes flight from an unexpected beginning. Our founders, a pair of adventurous grandparents with a rich history in aviation, have always had their hearts anchored in family values. Their journey, spanning continents and cultures, began under the vast African skies of Kenya, amidst the wild beauty of nature and the majestic presence of animals.

As they embraced the joyous roles of grandparents, granduncles, and aunties; they noticed that finding simple, organic, and comfy clothes for the little ones in our big family was tougher than they thought. They wanted something special – clothes that cared for the babies as much as they did. So, lets make baby clothes with designs that reflect the innocence, comfort, and playful spirit of infancy.

That’s how Cocoon Baby was born. We're all about making baby clothes that feel like a warm, loving hug. Our clothes are kind of like a cocoon – soft, safe, and snug. We use materials that are good for the planet because we remember our grandparents' stories about the animals and nature in Kenya and want to keep the earth beautiful for all the little ones.

Our team is our family and is like a mini world tour – we've got people from all over, each with their own stories about what family means to them and taking care of little ones.

So, that's us – Cocoon Baby. We started from stories of skies and safaris and now we're here, making cozy clothes for your little ones. We hope our clothes bring as much joy to your family as they do to ours.

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